Vezzo Pizza

This falls under the “pick your battles” section of my cookbook, because you can whir up a batch of fresh pizza dough with yeast, flour and olive oil fairly easily, and then you have to let it rise and work with the dough. You can also purchase pre-made dough in the refrigerator section of most grocery stores, whereby you can add your favourite toppings and blast it in a hot oven. But I prefer to eat pizza OUT!

We always order the “Meat Lovers” pizza, but they have a nice selection of salads there also!

EATING PIZZA OUT is a much better choice, as far as I’m concerned. Then you don’t have the fuss and muss, and NOBODY does it better than Vezzo Pizza in New York City. New York pizza is amazing, any way you slice it, but the thin crust pizza at Vezzo Pizza is a must-try on your next trip to New York City.

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