Potatoes – the basics

There are 2 basic categories of potatoes:

  • High starch & low moisture
  • Low starch & high moisture

The high starch & low moisture potatoes include:

            Russett (or sometimes called Idaho potato)

These are best used for baking potatoes, which becomes light and fluffy when baked. Also best used for making potatoes in cream sauce, french fries, oven fried/roasted potatoes & gratins.

Low starch & high moisture (boiling potatoes) include:

            white, fingerling, red & yukon gold

these are all suitable for boiling, oven- or pan-roasting or using in salads

  • Red potatoes can be boiled and also for roasting
  • Yukon gold makes good mashed potatoes; boiled; diced & roasted; or in other recipes such as English Hasselbacks
  • Fingerlings are good when cooked in a heavy pot with butter & salt over a low flame until tender (20-25 minutes). They may also be boiled, then slice in half (lengthwise) and serve with aioli as an appetizer sprinkled with parsley.

These varieties are great for boiling and roasting because they hold together. Use small reds or boiling potatoes for roasting or potato salads.

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