Easy Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a much loved vegetable for many, and a “no thank you” vegetable for others — hardly any in between.

Over the years, I have fussed with so many ways of preparing Brussels sprouts. This is a FOOL PROOF method, and done in a hurry.

I’m not normally a fan of microwave cooking, but this one really works. You can commonly find this bag in the produce section of your grocery store:

I like to begin by opening the top of the bag — you can tear off or cut with a scissor — right above the ziplock closure. Be sure not to compromise the integrity of the ziplock closing strip — it will need to seal up tightly to steam in the microwave.

Next, open the ziplock top and run some water right into the bag, wetting all of the sprouts. Then hold the bag loosely closed and drain off almost all of the water in the bag, leaving a teaspoon or two of water in the bag.

Then add 3/4 tsp. of seasoned salt (I like Morton’s) or else just add salt and pepper, to taste. Drizzle about 2 teaspoons of olive oil into the bag and seal it closed. Shake the bag well to distribute the water, olive oil and seasonings thoroughly with the sprouts.

Place bag on a microwave-safe plate or dish (I use a pie plate) and microwave for 5 minutes exactly. You may need slightly more time if you have a lower-powered microwave. At the end of cooking, remove from microwave and DO NOT open the top for about 5 minutes. I just set the whole plate aside and allow it to cool down some before serving.

The vegetable turns out soft but not mushy — just right. This whole process takes about 10 minutes, and is an easy & delicious compliment to any meal.

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