Holiday Flower Arrangement

Begin by using a square-sided glass trifle dish, or any other clear glass container to build your arrangement. Then you will need a small bowl and a medium bowl to go inside the trifle dish. I put the small bowl upside-down in the bottom of the trifle dish and then put the medium bowl on top of the small bowl. The small bowl elevates the medium bowl a little, so that it is not sitting right on the bottom of the trifle dish. Make sure the medium bowl leaves enough room to pour in cranberries. Just cut open a bag of fresh cranberries, and fill the area between the wall of the trifle dish and the wall of the medium bowl with cranberries. You may also add cloves or cinnamon sticks — and this will last at least a week or 10 days — just about as long as your arrangement. Use the medium bowl to fill with water, florist foam if you prefer, and then add in your flowers. This will keep much better if you store it in the refrigerator overnight — about 2 weeks.

Happy Holidays!

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